The lighting industry of South Africa is represented by the Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA).

IESSA represents South African internationally and thereby acts as the National Committee of the CIE (Commission International De L'Eclairage).

South African Experts on various topics in the lighting technology field serve on the CIE international committees responsible for the development of standards for the different aspects of illumination.

IESSA Mission:

IESSA supports the practical implementation of internationally recognised lighting practices for the direct and indirect enjoyment and benefit of the general public.

IESSA History

The lighting industry of South Africa was previously represented by three organisations, namely:


(South African National Committee on Illumination) which represented South Africa internationally and served on international committees on various topics. 


(Institute for Lighting Engineers of South Africa), which focused on education for the lighting industry. 


(South African Lighting Association), which represented the lighting manufacturing industry on technical committees of organizations such as SABS and SEIFSA.

During the year 2002, a committee consisting of representatives of each the three organisations was established to investigate the feasibility of uniting the three organisations . The concept was enthusiastically received by the lighting industry and the committee recommended that a unified lighting body be established. As a result, IESSA (Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa) was established in January 2004.

IESSA Objectives:

  • To provide a unique forum for the interchange of information and contracts between those concerned with the different aspects of illumination.
  • To stimulate and coordinate technical activities in the field of illumination.
  • To provide opportunities for members to improve their knowledge in order to practice their profession with knowledge and confidence.
  • To maintain and enforce the strict code of conduct of IESSA to ensure members conduct business in a fair and professional manner.
  • To represent members on international organizations to ensure that knowledge on the latest trends and developments is transferred to members.
  • To apply available resources efficiently to render a meaningful and reliable service to members and to the lighting industry.
  • To cooperate with other national organizations, both public and private, to ensure fair governing and to accomplish these goals.

Council and Committee

Past PresidentNatashapastp@iessa.org.za082 807 7310
PresidentAlexpresident@iessa.org.za082 994 0674
Vice PresidentDanielvicep@iessa.org.za082 680 5127
FinanceDonnafinance@iessa.org.za082 789 4986
DevelopmentBjorncourses@iessa.org.za083 346 7126
TechnologyJoeltechnology@iessa.org.za071 138 4563
CIEPietercie@iessa.org.za081 299 0445
MembershipAndrèmembership@iessa.org.za083 753 7648
PRMuhamedpr@iessa.org.za071 138 4563
Branch Chairs
GautengHenkgauteng@iessa.org.za074 080 9997
Kwa Zulu NatalAbnerkwazulunatal@iessa.org.za083 311 0536
Western CapeChriswesterncape@iessa.org.za079 076 8826
General enquiriesLynninfo@iessa.org.za082 727 8666
Account enquiriesJayneaccounts@iessa.org.za082 788 4724
Event enquiriesTraceyevents@iessa.org.za082 727 8666

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