Membership Committee to be announced soon


  • Membership of IESSA is open to both individual and organizations active in the lighting industry of South Africa.
  • Please Print the respective application form, complete all fields and forward to the following IESSA branch Chairpersons to propose and second your application.
  • Please include supporting documents regarding qualifications, experience and training to substantiate the application.

    Gauteng residents – please contact Mr Bjorn Smidt-Hart


        Western Cape residents – please contact Mr Clive Hey

          Email: or

        Kwazulu-Natal residents – please contact Mr Max Lenferna


  • New Members pay a once off entrance fee.
  • The entrance fee and the first year's annual subscription fee shall become due upon receipt of the written notice, advising the applicant of the success of his application for membership. Payment of both these amounts must be made within 3 (three) months from the date of this invoice.
  • Should payment not be received within this perios the application shall be deemed to have lapsed.
  • Membership will not become effective until such time that both the entrance fee and the first year's annual subscription fee has been paid in full.
  • Should an existing member be tranferred to a hight grade of memberhsip, the annual subscription fee for grade transferred to will be calculated on a quaterly basis and shall be payable in advance for this perios.
  • A Student does not pay an entrance fee.
  • Accredited Lighting Designer ID card is only available to a membership grade of “Member” and “Fellow”.

Membership fees include VAT

Membership Status Entrance Fee Annual Fee
Student No entrance Fee 150.00
Affiliate 850.00 898.00
Associate 850.00 1 029.00
Member 850.00 1 159.00
Fellow 850.00 1 159.00
Group Member 1,200.00 6 020.00
Accredited Lighting Practitioner   150.00